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About Us

ANDO International, Inc is a multilingual coeducational technical training institute specializing in instruction, and program development in the following areas: environmental safety, regulatory compliance and medical technology. Ando’s staff members consist of scientists, medical doctors, engineers and experienced construction trades experts.


Ando has a diverse area of training and consulting expertise including: hazardous material handling, asbestos abatement, EPA lead abatement and RRP, safety, mold, occupational toxicology, disaster site worker, first Aid/CPR/AED, rescue, EKG and Phlebotomy technician, and confined space entry.


Ando’s staff members, instructors and scientists are also multi-lingual and multi-national, offering a wide variety of instructional formats and expertise.


Ando’s mission is to provide the most advanced and comprehensive instruction, consultation and strategic planning that can be offered to our clients. It is our sincere hope that many of the environmental disaster situations presented in our program will be avoided by those who attend our programs. We are dedicated to worker safety and health, and environmental preservation of our great country and our service area.

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